#DIGILAW WORK Saison 1 épisode 2 – L’embauche en France – Hiring in France –

DIGILAW WORK Season 1 Episode 2 – Hiring in France

How do you draft a letter of employment in France?

It’s a quiet morning in Tracey’s new office in London, HR in a British company that has just opened a subsidiary in France, when suddenly the CEO Betty, calls:

« Hey Tracey, I’m sending you the details of a candidate we want to recruit for the French subsidiary, he’s arriving in an hour to sign his letter of employment, please make arrangements. »

Tracey has no idea about French employment law and doesn’t even speak French! Where to start, she thought ….

Her company has subscribed to the DIGILAW WORK platform. All she has to do is log in to her account.

« Great », she thought, everything is in English.

She reads the summary in English about hiring in France and understands the main steps.

In a few clicks she fills in the « Employment letter » form in English and downloads it in French!

She will contact the French partner law firm within the day to complete and finalise this hiring project as she knows she will need additional information as indicated on DIGILAW WORK.

Great Job ! Pierre arrives in 20 minutes.

Thanks to DIGILAW WORK, Tracey knows that she has a reliable document, drawn up by lawyers, that she can get signed off on safely and then contact this firm to finalise her hiring plans.