DIGILAW WORK Season 2 Chapter  1 – The fixed term contract in France

One of my salesmen had a skiing accident and is on sick leave during month and a half.

I absolutely have to replace him and I found an available candidate but I don’t know how to do it in France?

By connecting to DIGILAW WORK, I learn that you can conclude a fixed-term contract to replace one of your employees during a precise period. But it remains complicated, you have to pay attention to a certain number of conditions!

I could still fill out the form in English and I was able to download a contract completed in French! I can now call the partner lawyers to review it and discuss with them the employment contract that I made.
Finally, thanks to DIGILAW I saved time by having quick and easy access to clear information in English and I secured my contract by getting it checked by a lawyer. All this without any extra costs, all these services are included in my subscription.

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